Cost Savings

The costs to this point (basic salary, employment taxes and benefits) are typically in the 1.25 to 1.4 times base salary range – e.g. the cost range for a $50,000/year employee might be $62,500 to $70,000. (Joe Hadzima, MIT)

At a pay rate as little as $10.00/hr. and a bill rate of $15.00/hr. the average saving for the 90 days can be roughly $1600-$1800. (Quart)

Increased Productivity

Employers who spread extra workload across their existing staff rather than adding additional staff, can quickly see a drop in productivity. Quickly provide help for your employees without having to go through the trouble of hiring someone. (Trillium)

Time Savings

According to NACE, the average time from interview to offer is 22.5 days. Add the additional time of position analysis, posting the position, accumulating resumes, reviewing resumes, and scheduling interviews and you’ve quickly lost a large amount of time. Industry specialized staffing agencies have a pool of qualified and screened candidates for their positions of specialization. Saved time means increased productivity and more savings. 

Increased Flexibility

Whether your need for a temporary employee is to cover a vacation, medical leave, or an unexpected increase in workload, having an established staffing partner can quickly provide you with additional resources during your time of need. (Trillium)

Reduced Turnover

As many as 84% of new hires do not live up to the new employer’s expectations! With the time, money, and resources that are associated with the hiring and on boarding process this can be a discouraging fact. Try one of our employees on a temp basis and hire them once you know for sure they are a good fit. (American Staffing Association)